Does your company manage change proactively or reactively?
Embracing new and exciting opportunities likely requires organizational change:
Other times, we must change to grow. We can often glean insight into how we should change by listening to employee ideas and frustrations:
To articulate organizational priorities, start by reflecting on organizational health. Assess the strength of your viability, agility and culture:
VIABILITY: Product-Market Fit | Vision, Mission, Values | Strategy, Roadmap, Wins
AGILITY: Workplace Conditions | Decision-Making | Change Management
CULTURE*: Management, Environment, Responsibility, Opportunity, Accountability, Recognition
*The Employee Experience)
Both poorly managed growth and prolonged frustrations create unnecessary risk and compromise the ability of your organization — and your people — to succeed.
As a first step, collect candid feedback (in a structured way and psychologically safe environment) to learn:
A year from now, what do we expect will be different about our company or the way we work?
What's causing employee/customer frustration today?
If you're on the verge of opportunity or ready to respond to employee frustration, contact me for a free 30-minute consultation.
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