get everyone on board
Staff of a technology company are asking management to articulate a mission, vision and values to guide and align efforts among office and remote workers distributed across two continents. 
Key Insight
While articulating mission, vision and values will anchor the company's position and strategic focus, key informant interviews revealed staff feel anxious about the lack of clear decision-making processes and follow through on past change management efforts; addressing those anxieties will yield greater positive impact on performance and culture than articulating the mission, vision and values alone.
Quick Wins
Introduce the new mission, vision and values at the annual kickoff meeting, along with a multi-year strategic plan, product roadmap and measurable corporate goals; develop staff-led task groups to infuse company values into a) hiring, b) onboarding, and c) the office environment. Refresh the website and marketing collateral with new messaging.
Big Wins
✔ Have leadership reflect on promised changes that never materialized and extend executive support to a project manager to rollout change in a timely, transparent way.
✔ Differentiate types of decision-making by who is affected — one team versus one regional office versus the global company. Clarify and communicate differentiated processes. Ensure the leadership team holds itself accountable to the new decision-making framework.

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