recognize staff worthy of admiration
Identify ways to recognize staff and celebrate values-in-action.
Key Insight
The CEO often credited his late co-founder as the key person whose vision and support gave him the persistence to keep building the organization in its nascent years.
Quick Win
Create an annual award — named after the late co-founder, Philip Mohochi — to recognize staff who best model corporate values. Here's an explanation of the award:
Each year, staff nominate team members who have demonstrated exemplary servant leadership. One recipient per country office will receive the Philip Mohochi Award for inspiring others by:
Being a servant leader in action and attitude, regardless of leadership role or length of service, and demonstrating Nuru's Servant Leadership Framework: people, character, vision, mission, truth
 Going above and beyond
 Contributing to the fight against extreme poverty
Honor staff receiving the award with a ceremony at the annual company-wide summit.
Big Win
Include a video story of Philip Mohochi in onboarding to acquaint all new staff with the importance of Philip's example from day one.
"Our heroes and legends are created by the stories we tell."
— Chanchanchepon, Shawnee Tribe Chief

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