build a niche network to reach affluent consumers
Offering out-of-home media placements in only five markets wasn’t attracting big advertising dollars; therefore, expand network of amateur ice arenas from five to 50+ US markets in order to attract national advertisers and media buyers.
Create a niche out-of-home media network allowing national advertisers and media buyers to reach affluent families who frequently patron amateur ice arenas in the U.S.; expand existing network of amateur ice arenas from five to 50+ U.S. markets.
Key Insights
Patrons of amateur ice arenas are affluent families who frequent the ice area multiple times a week for at least two hour per visit — serving up advertisers a “captive audience.”
Build personal relationships with the media outlets (amateur ice arenas) to allow for out-of-the-box media placements.
Quick Wins
Rolled out multi-market branding campaigns ($350k+ annual sales) for clients including Nike, Bauer, Kraft Foods, Pfizer, Blistex, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage and U.S. Army. Media packages included both standard and creative placements such as banners, dasher boards, display cases, floor decals, window clings, posters, bench wraps and stair decals.
Big Wins
Sustained long-term partnerships with major advertisers and year-over-year campaigns.
Photos below: Bauer showcased its newest and hottest hockey gear using seasonal media placements at 20+ amateur ice sports facilities across the United States.

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